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Every part of the garage door is important as they collectively work to operate it fully. Malfunctioning of any of the parts would result in damage. Cables are vital as the door is suspended by them and without them working properly, the garage door will not open or close.

How to determine a broken garage door cable?

  • Worn out or stretched garage door cables

  • Frayed garage door cables

  • Rust garage door cables

  • Visible gaps in garage door cable

  • Broken garage door drum

  • Loose garage door cables


What not to do after the cable breaks?

Turn off the electric motor that lifts or closes the garage door as broken or faulty cables will put unnecessary strain on the springs and can lead to further damage. It is recommended to call a professional and seek consultation. Trying to mend it on your own is not advisable as repairing or replacing the cables is more technical as they are wired and not easily visible.

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