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Issues with panels are rare, but can happen.  If there is damage to the panels, we can repair or replace them.

How to determine garage door panel has been damaged?

  • Scratches


    Caused by bikes, cars, or mishandling of tools

  • Impact damage


    Hit by a vehicle that leads to dent or being pushed in

  • Splitting


    The end of the garage door panel has split

  • Strain


    Hinge or track has worn the area out

  • Not opening or closing smoothly

  • Noise


    Making loud sounds

What to do when a panel is damaged?

It is recommended to replace the panel that is damaged because repairing will not give it the same furnish that it had before. Delaying the replacement increases the probability of other garage door components being malfunctioned therefore it is advisable to replace it as soon as it is possible to get the door to its optimal functioning.

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