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Experiencing trouble opening your garage door smoothly, or having problems fully opening it? If so, you might have a problem with your springs! Garage door springs are essential to your garage functioning properly.

What do we offer?

  • Residential & Commercial Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

  • Residential & Commercial Garage Door Broken Spring Replacement

  • Residential & Commercial Broken Spring Installation

  • Expert Spring Repair, Replacement & Installation Services


Replacing both springs.

Both springs need to be in the best condition as they function as a collective force against gravity to balance the opening and closing of the door. It is necessary to replace another spring if one breaks down or is malfunctioning as there is a high probability of the other spring enduring more stress and tension which will affect its lifespan and could create bigger problems eventually with your garage door.

Choosing the right spring

With multiple varieties of garage doors, it is important to have a professional analyze and evaluate the dynamics of the door to install the appropriate springs necessary for balancing the door. Shelley’s Garage Door staff is highly qualified and well trained with all the aspects and dynamics of the door and will choose the best fit for your garage door.

Torsion Springs

Work independently and are mounted horizontally above the door. The purpose of this spring is to store mechanical energy and assist in opening and closing the door through winding and unwinding. They are thicker in size than extension springs and are more durable. Their installation requires fewer additional parts meaning it will require minimal maintenance. Choosing the right torsion spring depends on the size and weight of your garage door. A broken torsion spring poses a risk to people and property as it gets extremely difficult to balance the weight of the garage door manually. 

Extension Springs

Are traditionally known as stretch springs. They are attached to the cable pulley system and expand out when the door lowers whereas they become fully contracted when the door is being open. They are in pairs and usually attached to the left and right of the garage door. The length of the spring corresponds to the height of the garage door, therefore, determining the correct length is vital or else the door would not function properly. They are high maintenance as their installation requires a cable system as well to keep them in place if the springs break in the future.

How to determine a broken garage door spring?

  • Visible gaps in the spring
  • The automatic opener is unable to fully raise the door
  • The garage door closes fast with a loud noise
  • The door is crooked
  • The cables attached to the springs are dangling

What not to do after your spring breaks:

When you notice the above signs in your garage door spring, do not attempt to lift it manually as the door is heavy. Trying to lift the door with the electric opener is also not recommended as the opener works best when springs are fully functioning. With a broken spring, you are more likely to damage your garage door electric motor.

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